Acne SOS Part 3

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Diet and Lifestyle

It’s hard to keep a good diet when your young and always on the go, but eating foods that contain saturated fats and sugars such as fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate can show in your skin. Eating balanced meals with five vegetables and five fruits and drinking plenty of water can in fact improve your skins appearance. Not just your spots but your whole skin seems a lot brighter and more healthy. Keeping fit goes hand in hand with keeping a good diet. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle around other commitments can be tricky but but your skin will reward you! Try to walk more or bike ride to your commitments or just for fun. Do small workouts whenever you have the time or when your watching the television. Healthy people tend to be much happier so if you have low self-esteem try picking yourself you with some exercise.

Beauty Sleep

Sleep time is when your skin recovers. Using an overnight effective gel or lotion will help the skin to naturally heal itself. Before bed apply to the areas of concern. Tie hair up as dirt from hair can enter the skins pores. Wear something loose and comfortable as tight clothing that can make you sweat doesn’t allow the skin to breathe. Make sure your room is well ventilated and cool. Night time is also a good time to hydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water before bed to help re-hydradrate and breakdown foods that can sit on your stomach. Try not to over indulge in heavy meals and snacks right before you go to sleep as your metabolism will slow down and it is more likely that you’ll gain weight!

Have Fun in the Sun

UV rays! As much as I didn’t like exposing anything in the summer, the sun actually helps your skin provided that you stick to the right amount of exposure. The sun will help to dry the spots and let the skin breathe. Make sure that you do not exceed more than half an hour of direct sunlight and apply spf generously. Its vital your protect your skin in the sun. A great tip for being outdoors is to carry a light coverup. Wearing airy clothing is a good way to take the sun of your shoulders.

Acne SOS Part 2

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Finding the Balance

Less is more! Watch the products you are already using on your skin. I found that using less lotions and creams can benefit more than piling the lot on. Find a facial/body cleanser that can help to balance the skin and make sure its specially tailored to your skin type i.e if your skin is oily with large pores this is a classic characteristic of an oily congested skin. You’d need to find a product that contains an active ingredient such as salicylic acids, clays or kaolin. These ingredients help to breakdown the oil that sits on the surface of the the skin and deep into the pores. You need a product that is going to deep cleanse the skin. You may find that when you first start using a new product you break out more but don’t discount it. Why this is your skin is reacting to the new product and bringing anything out to the new surface.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

You’ll find this with a lot of exfoliating products. Exfoliation is a must! Scrubbing the skin removes dead skin cells, excess oils and bacteria from the skin. Dirt and oil is a common cause of comodones which are the tiny black heads you find congesting the pores. Using an abrasive exfoliant with deep cleanse working deep down into the pores. You can also use tools such as body brushes to work off those dead cells. Rough exfoliation is not to done everyday. Limit this to twice weekly. On other days you could try a product that will gently exfoliate. You’ve find that this also helps with acne scarring that can occur after the skins healing process.

Treatment and Extraction

Touching your skin with dirty hands can cause your acne to become infected its best that you try to avoid touching the area, picking or scratching. Extraction of blackheads heads is very effective and done correctly can be quick and painless. Comodones (blackheads) sit in the pores therefore making it congested or blocked. Using clean fingers stretch the skin grasping the area around the pore, gently wiggle the pore which will work the dirt out pain free! If your spots are red hard lumps or have a white head, leaving them to heal or burst is the best option. These spots cores are deep down in the skin and breaking the skin to squeeze them can actually cause you to breakout further. Salons do a variety of specialised back treatments where they will use great products, tools and electrical treatments to help extract and balance the skin. Whether it’s acne or acne scarring, having a course of professional treatment will help the appearance of your skin.

Acne SOS Part 1

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The Things I’d Tell My Teenage Self

Since the age of fourteen, I’ve suffered from one of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing problems that can affect a teenagers life…acne. I constantly felt like I had to cover my body and it took great effect on doing normal teenage things I’d like to do like swimming and sports. It even seemed to have knocked my confidence when I was covered up. I remember feeling a great deal of anxiety in the summer when it was warm and all my friends were going out in the day and at night to parties I’d constantly be finding clothes that covered up my shoulders, chest and back where I had inflamed outbreaks of sore red spots. Luckily, it was very rare that I’d break out to this level on my face but where as you can conceal these areas with makeup, having large red spots on my skin was much harder to hide. I’ve picked up so many tips and tricks throughout my teenage years that I think are important to share with you. I hope that it can help someone else like myself, male or female that feels down because of it and I hope someone reads this and feels a lot more confident that its going to get better. This is my guide to the best steps I took to feeling body confident making the way I looked one less stress to worry about!


Acne is very common in teenagers and young adults, as our hormones are changing we find our skin changes with it. It’s all part of growing up.Teenage years can be by far the hardest, its hard enough finding yourself let alone be put under numerous pressures about the way you look. Sometimes, acne can be a reflection of your diet, hereditary as in if your parents suffered from it, or it is caused by the amount of sebum your skin is producing. Sebum, is the oil that secrets out of the pore from the sebaceous gland, it is otherwise know as the excess oil that sits on the surface of the skin.

Today my acne has not completely gone but its improved massively and I no longer feel as uncomfortable in my own skin. Over time I accepted that I suffered from it and I think that itself made me feel a little bit better. Its not going to build up your self-esteem just like that but I always think you must look at the problem face on in order to solve it. You’ve also got to think that your not alone. Many teens suffer from a variety of different things due to your changing hormones. No one is perfect.

A real skin care regimen should only take a few minutes

Dermalogica Skincare ProductsToo many people think that a good skin care regime has to take hours. This really isn’t the case and there’s actually no reason why anyone isn’t following a proper regimen to keep their skin in tip top condition.

Poor quality skin care products, not using the right skin care products and not following a strict regimen all equate to bad skin – or an extremely lucky person if you’ve managed to get away with it so far in life. Good skin though doesn’t have to cost the earth because in reality, high quality skin care products aren’t much more expensive than the cheaper alternatives.

The essentials of any skin care regime is cleansing, toning and moisturising twice every day. Even if you lead the modern lifestyle and you’re out of the house first thing in the morning and not back until last thing at night there’s still no excuse for not following this regimen because it should only take a matter of minutes at either end of your day.

Dermalogica sell high quality products at great prices which are brilliant for the busy modern lifestyle because they’re so quick to apply and absorb so give them a go today.

The Dermalogica answer for happy hands in the garden

Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment available from Pure Beauty OnlineSummer is the time of year when the green fingered of us head into their gardens and refuse to retreat back indoors until the rain is so heavy that puddles start to form around them. Although gardening is a great form of exercise if you’re a keen gardener then it’s likely to take its toll on your hands. Whether it’s the effect of continually plunging your hands into soil, fertilisers, over washing or constantly being attacked by thorns being a garden fanatic isn’t always brilliant for your health.

Most people don’t realise how much you use your hands and how much they’re on show until they’re ashamed of them. There is however one way that you can continue gardening throughout the summer and also have smooth, soft hands that you’re proud of.

Dermalogica have one best-selling hand cream that people rave about as it’s not greasy and helps to repair chapped and damaged hands and strengthens the nails at the same time. Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment contains vitamin B5, algae extract, almond oil, vitamin E and grape seed which work together to protect, soothe and heal damaged hands and nails as well as creating a protective barrier which prevents any damage from the environment.

Camping can really damage your skin

Dermalogica Travel Size Products available from Pure Beauty OnlineCamping is a popular summer activity that many families enjoy. Whether you choose to camp away from home or close to home there are plenty of adventures to be had. However, camping and the great outdoors can also play havoc with your skin and when you try so hard to look after it for the rest of the year it’s a shame to allow it to succeed.

It’s not just extreme weather that affects your skin, in fact any type of climate does and they can all negatively affect it if you don’t treat it properly.

As well as considering excess oil production because of the sun it’s also essential to consider dehydration caused by cold weather and wind. All of these things can be prepared for but it means that you need to treat your skin with the same products when you’re away as you do when you’re at home.

A lot of people avoid taking their skin care products camping with them because they take up a lot of room and they’re heavy which isn’t practical if you’re planning on hiking and going out and exploring while you’re away and they can’t be left in the tent because skin care products are generally pretty expensive. The other alternative is to buy travel sized products that are really handy while you’re away and they’re light-weight too.

A lot of people think that you’re limited to cheaper brands if you want to buy mini products but nowadays this isn’t the case at all. Top quality brands like Dermalogica also offer travel sized minis of their best-selling products which means you can give your skin luxury treatment even when you’re living extremely basically yourself.

Consider Dermalogica for sun protection for late summer holidays

Dermalogica Solar Defence System available from Pure Beauty OnlineMost people will have already enjoyed their summer holiday but if you’re lucky enough to still have yours ahead of you – or maybe you booked a second one because you enjoyed the first so much – then you could find that you come unstuck when you come to buy everything you need.

Shops and supermarkets seem to be removing their summer items earlier than ever and replacing them with winter favourites and even Christmas gifts. Although it might be difficult to find clothes and swimsuits suitable for tropical weather online or on the high street, luckily you shouldn’t have an issue finding sun protection.

Although the huge array of sun screen is likely to have been removed from the shelves of your local supermarkets and pharmacies luckily you can get them online all year round from brand like Dermalogica.

Dermalogica has an entire range of products devoted to sun protection called the Solar Defence System where there are a whole host of premium products that will protect your face and body from the sun.

The best thing about Dermalogica’s products is that although they’re premium quality they don’t have a premium price tag which makes them easily affordable which is great if you’re on a budget.

New product update

Dermalogica UltraCalming UltraSmoothing Eye Serum available from Pure Beauty OnlineAfter an earlier article about a new Dermalogica product which is due for release this year it seems only right to give you any follow up news we can get our hands on before an official release date is announced.

The first weekend in August was Dermalogica’s official launch of the product in their Wembley store where they invited people to attend and learn everything they wanted to know about Dermalogica’s new release.

Unfortunately an official UK release date has still not been published; however there are plenty of promising reviews about the product from over the pond.

Just like new films and cars, beauty products are also almost always released in America first which, in some respects, puts us at a disadvantage but it’s a great advantage in others as it means we don’t waste our money on beauty products that don’t work, slow cars or bad films.

It seems however, that you certainly won’t be wasting your money on the latest addition to the Dermalogica skin care range, the UltraSmoothing Eye Serum which is “a weightless 2-in-1 serum made to treat sensitive eyes with noticeable signs of aging.”

The product helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the advanced peptides in the formula which target the causes of aging around the eye area. If this sounds like a Dermalogica product that you can’t imagine yourself without then watch this space for news on the official launch date.

Dermalogica at Wimbledon

Dermalogica Skincare ProductsIf you watched Wimbledon you’ll be familiar with how beautiful the female players looked at all times and one player in particular that caught everyone’s eye was the beautiful Sabine Lisicki. With a constant beaming smile, beautiful hair and perfect skin she caught the eye of everyone, especially the gents.

There aren’t many people who, after a Wimbledon final, look just as good as they did when they first stepped out onto the court; however, there are plenty of people out there who want to know her secret.

Her bottled secret is Dermalogica as this year’s Wimbledon make-up artist Natalie Danielle has revealed. All of the players and sports presenters wore the famous Dermalogica best sellers and although the specific products haven’t been revealed, their effects are pretty obvious.

Dermalogica products receive great reviews all year round and they’re also used in many top films, TV programmes and mentioned in many best-selling magazines. In July and August for example, magazines such as Style, Marie Claire, Look, Cosmopolitan and Weight Watchers mentioned a number of products; they were use on hit TV seasons Game of Thrones and My Mad Fat Diary and also in films including Close Enough and Our Robot Overlords. So, if you want a skin care regimen that will put you up there with the stars then Dermalogica is your answer.

Dermalogica is the number one choice for brides

Dermalogica Multiactive TonerIn the July/ August issue of Brides magazine Sarah Brock – top professional make-up artist – has been boasting about the quality of Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Toner. Throughout the issue she includes a run-down of her favourite products that help brides get the perfect skin for their big day and the Multi-Active Toner makes an appearance and this is what she has to say:

“Multi-Active Toner removes any residue from cleansing without stinging, and provides a super-clean base so your make-up will look fresh and stay on longer”

Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Toner is extremely light and a great product to use every day. It conditions the skin and prepares it for maximum moisture absorption as well as keeping it smooth and refreshed.

One thing that all brides want is perfect skin, hair and make-up on their big day and they will go to great lengths and pay huge prices to achieve that. However there’s really no need to break the bank on beauty products, procedures and appointments at the salon because introducing Dermalogica products to your skin care regimen will help improve your skin quickly. Introducing Dermalogica products to your general skin care regime is also affordable which means you can maintain perfect skin all year round.