A real skin care regimen should only take a few minutes

Dermalogica Skincare ProductsToo many people think that a good skin care regime has to take hours. This really isn’t the case and there’s actually no reason why anyone isn’t following a proper regimen to keep their skin in tip top condition.

Poor quality skin care products, not using the right skin care products and not following a strict regimen all equate to bad skin – or an extremely lucky person if you’ve managed to get away with it so far in life. Good skin though doesn’t have to cost the earth because in reality, high quality skin care products aren’t much more expensive than the cheaper alternatives.

The essentials of any skin care regime is cleansing, toning and moisturising twice every day. Even if you lead the modern lifestyle and you’re out of the house first thing in the morning and not back until last thing at night there’s still no excuse for not following this regimen because it should only take a matter of minutes at either end of your day.

Dermalogica sell high quality products at great prices which are brilliant for the busy modern lifestyle because they’re so quick to apply and absorb so give them a go today.

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